The Lord’s Supper: A New Covenant

The Lord's Supper

The Lord’s Supper

1. A cup that speak: “I have a new heart?”

What is the new covenant?
What is the old covenant?
What is a covenant?

It is an agreement between two parties. Like marriage or church membership. God also made covenants with man. Like the law. Obey and I will bless you or disobey and I will punish you. The Sabbath is a sign of that covenant. No one could obey that covenant. We ought to bring worship to God. We ought to love God with our heart, soul, mind, will and all our strength by showing our love in obedience to His law. Our hearts are evil and from it sprung all our sin. Evil are inside us, not outside. From the abundance of the heart, we do and speak evil. People bring forth evil from their evil heart and good from a good heart. It is no use, telling people to be good or to be moral. You can paint a tomb white, on the inside remains death. What needs to happen, the inside need to be made alive. New holy life need to enter the soul. The 10 commandments show me how dead I am. I am unable to produce the piety and love the law require. Jer 31:31-34: God said He would make a new covenant. The new covenant is one where God will change our hearts. He will forgive us. Put His laws on our inside. His divine life will come and live in us. His laws will no longer be a distant experience to us. It will affectionately be part of us. It will live inside me as the Holy Spirit come and take up residence in me. God in a monergistic act, independent of me, change my heart. Brought me into a new covenant with Him. Ezek. 36:25-27: God will remove the hard heart who feels nothing for Him. A cutting and removal of the evil heart. He will cut out and remove the old heart, which were unable to feel remorse for sin. Unable to love Him. Unable to understand Him. Unable to seek Him. Unable to fear Him. Unable to understand His Word. He will give us a new heart which can love Him with all my soul, mind, will and all my strength. The Lord’s Supper is a recognition and remembrance of my death and resurrection in Christ. The removal of my old heart and the giving of a new heart. The giving of a new life.

2. A cup that cries: “His blood was shed for me”

What does the cup speak to me? What about my sin? Is it right that people get away with breaking the law? If someone commit a murder, is it right that they get away? Do we not want to see justice? God’s justice is right. The world and many churches deny God the right to be angry at sin. God is holy and hate sin. He cannot look and stand it. Look at the flood, Sodom, and Gomorrah. Look at the cross and see God’s wrath on sin and lawlessness. God is not a weak and apologetic about punishing sin. He execute His righteous judgement on sin. However, justice was done at the cross. The law was upheld in the Son. God’s wrath was upheld on the cross. Jesus was made sin. God the Father treated Him as sin on the behalf of those He will save. God poured out His wrath for our sin on Jesus on the cross. The cup is a symbol of the blood that was spilled on the cross. It is a symbol that God will not remember the Christian’s sin. The wrath of God was satisfied on the cross and everyone who trust in Christ, the wrath of God over their sin, was removed by the blood of the Lamb. The blood of the Lamb was smeared on the door-post of every believer’s heart and the angel of death has passed by. Every time we celebrate the Lord’s supper, we remember the blood of Jesus which was shed for my sin. His blood washed my sins away. I can approach the throne of God through the blood of Jesus with confidence. In Him I am holy.

3. A cup that exclaims: ‘He is coming again”

1 Cor. 11:16 says, every time we partake in this cup, we proclaim His death until He come again. If He is coming again, it implies He is not dead any more. He is alive. If He is coming again, it means He is in heaven with the Father. He has risen and He is coming again. What is He doing in heaven now? He is interceding for us. Pleading on our behalf. His blood, death and resurrection is before the Father every day as He pleads for our pardon. Without His pardon and interceding, nothing would be enough to satisfy the Father. Only the Son, because of His death and resurrection, is good enough. The cup is also a Holy anticipation for His coming. The Lord’s Supper proclaim this reality until the Son returns. The Lords supper is a proclamation of the gospel to the world and to us. We need the gospel every day. We need to see and head it daily. The Lord’s Supper proclaim the death and resurrection of Jesus to the world and us until He come. Do I tremble at the Holy anticipation of my sins forgiven?


1. The Lord’s Supper: Do I tremble: 1 Cor. 11:25-26  (Link to source)